A Powerful message regarding the recent issues in our city and country and Communion Message from Eric and Paulette Sifford

Listen to the latest Sunday Message from Rodney Fuller – Sept 25, 2016

Rodney and Jennifer Fuller
Rodney and Jennifer Fuller

What would Jesus Do?

Compassion for Our City
God Reference.
Jesus is Lord of All or not Lord at all.
We have the responsibility

The giant we must face is Diversity

What do we do

1.  Imitate Peter –  shining our light for Jesus
2.  Get strong spiritually

        Heb 12:12

3.  Be active in sharing my faith.

        Philemon 6

         Share what God has done for you.

4.  Be like Jesus in Luke 9:51

         He Resolutely set out

         Be resolute in our actions

5.  Make sure my life counts.  Lead people to Jesus

         Philippians 1:22

The Result

       Abolish racism
       Abolish division
       Abolish education differences

       Romans 12:9-21

We must have compassion for each other no matter what the position or station in society.  Every person is special to Jesus.

Communion – Eric and Paulette Sifford