Care & Compassion Ministry Organization:


The Care & Compassion Ministry will consist of a Facilitation team that includes the C&C Ministry leaders and the Focus Team Captains. The Facilitation team will coordinate the resources and attention necessary to engage the body & leadership as needs arise.


Care & Compassion Facilitation Team: 

Teach, Promote & Mobilize the body to Uplift and Encourage those experiencing suffering.

  • Evaluates needs as First point of contact.
  • Actively seeks out needs.
  • Coordinates support through C&C Focus Team captains, Family group, and individual
  • Determines confidentiality desires are met (via discipleslink, fb, etc.)
  • Continually train and mentor the congregation & focus team captains in ways to provide care & support to our members experiencing suffering
  • Ensure everyone understands this is ALL our responsibility and not just one group’s (thru quiet times, announcements, etc.)
  • Network with other groups, churches, & support groups to bring ‘best of brand’ resources to comfort & support our church family.

Care & Compassion Focus Teams:  

Promote & Mobilize the body to Uplift and Encourage those experiencing suffering.

 All of these teams will continually work to provide tools and resources for individualized Care Teams to include all ages of the church in this ministry.

Below are some areas to be resourced by the Care & Compassion Focus Teams – this not meant to be inclusive.

  • Card team: Promotes ways to
    • Communicate card requests to congregation
    • Coordinate sending of cards and other resources (ie grief booklets) to the sick, grieving, hurting, etc. from the leaders, small group leaders and members of the body
  • Visitation team: Promotes ways to
    • Organize visitation schedules for the sick and shut-in (hospital, home, hospice)
    • Communicate visitation needs to the larger body
    • Make special requests known to Leaders, Staff & Elders of special requests (i.e. Communion, oil anointing, personal prayer)
    • Preparation of ‘encouragement boxes’ (‘Encouragement boxes can be generic or specific (ie. communion box: cups, scripture cards, Prayer notes, etc.))
  • Prayer team: Promotes ways to
    • Communicate prayer requests via all church media sources (bulletin, Sunday announcements, Facebook group, Discipleslink yahoo group)
    • Hold periodic prayer vigils via group meetings, chains, virtual/online, Sunday prayer room, etc.
  • Cheers team: Promotes ways to
    • Use technology and other ways to encourage those in need & their families/caregivers – such as social media (FB groups, videos, etc.)
    • Create and manage ‘Cheers for XXX’ – Facebook groups for those members that may be away from body for extended period.
    • Engage & enlist our youth (our snapchat & selfie generation) to participate.
    • Coordinate & manage process to provide worship recordings (using donated or inexpensive MP3 players loaded with sermons that would be returned when no longer needed) where online access is limited or not available.
  • Helping Hands team: Promotes ways to
    • Provide guidance & assistance to family groups in need of care calendars for meals for the sick
    • Help coordinate meals for families after funeral (i.e. repass)
    • Possibly provide services such as: home & car repairs for single moms & seniors, cleaning, help with moves, furnishings & clothing in case of crisis.
    • Follow-up with C&C Leaders on any needs that may involve a possiblebenevolence/financial need.
    • Follow-up with C&C Leaders on any needs that may involve a possible HOPE/ Faith Health ministry need.
  • Events team:
    • Coordinates C&C M activities and trainings

Care & Compassion Brigade (The Body)

  • CARE CHAMPIONS – Consists of those members with a particular interest to be available to serve in any specific team or teams as the need arises.
  • CARE TEAMS – Consists of those members willing to serve on or mentor an ‘individualized’ Care team to support a specific member/family during a time of crisis.
  • The goal is to have every member take part in some way – but the brigade will be that army of folks that stand ready when called upon.