Job Opening – Church Facility Manager

  We are seeking one full-time or two part-time individuals to fill the role of Facility Manager for our new building, beginning in January.  You can view the job description and job requirements here. Job Description – Facility Manager Employment

Culture, Race and the Kingdom

Culture, Race and the Kingdom with Michael MyCresha Burns Session 1: Culture and the Kingdom We are a multi-ethnic family of believers that live and function in a multi-cultural world, yet veryfew of us have any cross-cultural training.  This session instructs

Care and Compassion Ministry

Care & Compassion Ministry Organization:   The Care & Compassion Ministry will consist of a Facilitation team that includes the C&C Ministry leaders and the Focus Team Captains. The Facilitation team will coordinate the resources and attention necessary to engage


Listen to the latest Message from Ron Drabot  11/26/2017

Sunday Bulletins

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