Walls of Jericho Fitness Group

wals of jericho fitness group

Starting Saturday December 28 the group will be meeting at 2:00 PM instead of 9:00 AM. This change will allow us to avoid the lower morning temperaturs

The Walls of Jericho Excercise Group meets every Saturday at 9:00 AM at Freedom Park.
enjoy fun, fellowship, and fitness. Engage in excercise tailored to your dtate of fitness and need.
Activities include:
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  • Weights
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Strectching
[/fancy_list] Groups are based on desired intensiity and ability, and it is all done in an encouraging and supportive atmosphere.

Contact Bob Burdon for more details:
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Service Notes and Announcements November, 2014

Service Notes November 9, 2014Service Notes November 2, 2014
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Service Notes and Announcements October, 2014

October 26, 2014October 5, 2014October 5, 2014 EXTRAOctober 12, 2014
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Service Notes and Announcements September, 2014

October 5, 2014Service Notes September 14, 2014September 14, 2014September 7, 2014
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Service Notes and Announcements August, 2014

Be sure to check out Videos at the end of this post.

August 31, 2014August 24, 2014August 17, 2014August 10, 2014August 3, 2014
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[gdoc link=”https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NDIry44wRScUQvHD2wQ2mwNN3SX5G4Yq-23aBg7MWq0/pub” height=”600″]
[gdoc link=”https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vdXlXo37v-MAyIEIFc492enHGgOXqG_Zx1T45PiwvuM/pub” height=”600″]

Ended with Happy Music video by Pharrell Williams

Suffering for the Name (1): Nalani’s Story

Suffering for the Name (2): Prem’s Story

New! Church Connections Directory


We have upgraded our Directory. The Church Connections Directory is now available to all registered users. You must be logged in to view the directory.

When submitting an entry there are three entry types from which to choose:

  • Individual
  • Organization/business
  • Family

The family entry type is unique to the Church Connections Directory. This entry type allows you to group individuals together as a family which makes Connections ideally suited for managing our church directory.

Link is the answer to the very often requested feature of being able to link a registered user on our site to an entry in the Church Connections Directory and then allowing that user to edit their entry.

ROT13 Email Encryption provides protection for email addresses from spam email harvester bots. This is a very notable addition to our Connections database that contains personal e-mail information.

Here is a link to a short demo on editing your directory entry:
Church Connections Directory Demo

Send an email to techsupport@thecharlottechurch.org if you have any questions.

Service Notes and Announcements July, 2014

announcements-1-2_thumb [gdoc link=”https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GJVFlPs-Ulj6PrwGrP-3f9ZJ8LDarnbWPj4JHmgTeqg/pub” height=”400″] [gdoc link=https://docs.google.com/document/d/16yfnxruRhwkJLC_oAuTMOWOKbA8-cls-fRDWxi6SCvE/pub height=”400″] [gdoc link=”https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EL9nJ8A_ttJOum-PuQ0LMVl3_2jUk9cLKig4Vjf7ptY/pub” height=”600″]

Free Adult Dental Clinic

NCMOM [gdoc link=”https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hU1MzwN_SOagPGK_aVDVwl5svfQR_l5PWa1Ks6kqav0/pub” height=”640″ width=”600″]

Spanish Version
[gdoc link=”https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k9PSwz8Qd39Zyxu35vj7W9fqD4lZQSb0aMuT8qECkcM/pub” height=”640″ width=”600″]