MMOG Ministries Update

MMOG/Street Corner Ministry: August 15, 2022



13 yrs. in the making, 3 1/2 yrs of planning and we have finally merged with the

Fantastic Camp Swamp and will be taking over the Annual Father/Son fall retreat!

There are only a total of “180” spots available, so don’t wait…. sign up now!!

DATE: Nov 4-6 WHO: Sons 5 yrs old & UP + Dads/Grandpas/Big Brothers/Guardians

COST: $190 for Father/Son Pair & $50 for each addt Son! (After Oct 24 $120 each)

Registration & All Needed Details:

Also, on

Sponsor Financial Needs & Supplies Cost:

Men Mentors Needed: Campus, Singles, Young Marrieds….Able & Willing to attend the fun and help with all the young warriors, contact Tim Kirk 704-699-9653 


ML Black Memorial


Here at MMOG we knew ML as a warrior on the battlefield at an event but more so in life. We watched him battle his way through the turbulent teens years with passion and perseverance. It only seems fitting that in honor of ML we rename our event Bravery award the "ML Black Award for Bravery."

We see this as a great way to retell the stories and relive the memories of ML with each event we hold. Our hope is that this will inspire the other kids to have the same spirit of bravery we saw in ML.

Vince and Gilesa want to honor ML by giving other young men the opportunity to know God and experience comradery at MMOG through your memorial donation below.

Thank you for being a part of ML's life and thank you for being willing to help his memory materialize into a blessing for others.

Details & to Contribute to the ML Black MMOG Memorial Fund: