3/15/2020 Message - Tim and Brooke Kidwell: A Light of the World

Tim Kidwell - 3/15/2020

Sermon Notes: 
A Light To the World 
What a week right? I want to first start off by thanking the elders, Rodney and Ron for looking out for the well-being of the congregation and being proactive. Due to concerns over the Corona Virus the next few weeks Sunday sermons will be provided in video format as to avoid the possible spread of this contagious virus. Since I was slated to speak this Sunday the 15th I will be kicking off these video sermons. 
Before we begin my wife Brooke and I would like to thank you for your generosity and support of the Appalachian Christian Church. Without you this little band of disciples would not be here and we are thankful. 
So how are you doing? I want you to take a second pause and reflect. We have had quit the week...and all this news of the further spread of this disease have wreaked havoc on peoples lives, not only people who have been impacted from this virus, the stock market entering a bear market, major sports being put on hold, several universities and colleges shifting to online classes and then church meetings changed. 
This is a unique time and I think it is easy to get caught up in the hysteria. Fear can dictate our response to the point where people frantically buy all the toilet paper. Really, come on now. That is what leads us to our passage for today found in the sermon on the mount 
Matthew 5:14-16 
As Jesus was speaking to these people think about the hope this gave them. You are the light of the world. Yet to many of them they probably didn't think that of themselves it that regard. They were after all under Roman authority. But Jesus sees who they can be...just like us. We are called into God's family to be a light. Is my light shining during this time? 
You know I joked a little about the stores being picked over but it makes you think doesn't it...we see others being consumed with a me first mentality and man is it tempting to gravitate toward that. Would it hurt having all this extra stuff because you never know. 
So why can this be a problem? We can become so focused on ourselves that we forget other people may need these items as well. Am I saying Christians should not be prepared? No, but I am asking why should I be prepared? A city on a hill...a light for others. Or maybe I am more like the dark alley that you really don't feel safe walking through. So, in these times be mindful of where our treasure is. 
Ultimately it comes down to trusting God. With every area of our lives. Jesus addresses this more in chapter 6 when he teaches us not to worry. He tells us instead seek first his kingdom and righteousness. God will take care of the rest. 
Matthew 6:25-33 
So in all the craziness going on around us. What does Jesus want us to remember? God cares about you. He will take care of us and we ultimately need to seek his way to handle things and not our emotions. 
Side note: One of the areas we have been working on as a small congregation is making sure everyone has a role. God wants each of us to use are abilities and engage with his work. Perhaps this is a good time to meditate on God and ask how am I engaged in his work. Do I have a role in my family group, or a role in the church. We will grow and mature as each part does its work 
So understand during this time people are looking for hope. Share with them who we put our hope in. There is a great opportunity right now to impact people for God. I pray we have His heart and eyes to impact our world. 
Practicals to this: 
• Pray through all of these things and especially our hearts to reflect God 
• Be flexible as far as understanding that this is an unprecedented time 
• Take a walk 
• Build memories with your family 
• Reach out to your neighbors and have them over for dinner. 
• If you are feeling poorly or have a fever don't get with others. Practice good hygiene 
• Spend some time praying together 
Thank you again for your time. May we all be a city on the hill for God. 
In Christ, 

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